The Lunch Club


I thought, you know what, I’d like to start writing stories and I’d like to write ones that are reflective of people of color in this space.


I got tripe. I got tongue. I got all those, what are they called, offal foods? So even though my mom didn’t like to cook, she did expose me to a lot of things. Now I wish my mom was making me food everyday. 


"My favorite things to draw are usually breakfast related. I associate it with a kind of diner culture from the 70’s that I always wish I had been able to experience."


"People are familiar with how to use a social network so why not design something like that to potentially be the super-app of women’s health?"


Plastic: the “it’s complicated” of recyclables. Ever wondered what the number inside the recycling symbol etched onto your packaging is all about? Let’s unpack the details.


Illustrator Clay Hickson gives us his Tangy Couscous Salad– a favorite from the ‘Salad for President’ Cookbook.

Ready to lunch?

Start by upgrading those old takeout containers made of cheap, toxic plastics.