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Our Products

What are the dimensions of each product?

Food Containers

Small: 7.5 fl oz • 5.4 x 2.7in.
Medium: 17.04 fl oz • 5.4 x 5.4 in.
Large: 25.15 fl oz • 5.4 x 8.3in.


Fork: 24g/0.8oz & 16cm/6.3in long.
Spoon: 32g/1.1oz & 15.5cm/6.1in long.
Knife: 25g/.9oz & 16.6cm/6.5in long.

Sauce Pot

Capacity: 1oz or 30ml
Dimensions: 4.5cm x 4.5cm or 1.8"x1.8"
Weight: 1.1oz or 30 grams

Baby Food Containers

Capacity: 7.5 fl oz
Dimensions: 2.7 x 5.4 x 2.3"

The Bag

Weight: 21 oz
Dimensions: 9.1 x 7.5 x 3”


Weight: 4.8 grams or 0.16oz
Dimensions: 25.4x 25.4cm or 10 x 10"

What is included in each bundle?

Food Containers

Set of 6: 2 Smalls, 2 Mediums & 2 Larges
Set of 12: 4 Smalls, 4 Mediums & 4 Larges
Set of 18: 6 Smalls, 6 Mediums & 6 Larges

Sauce Pot

Set of 6: 6 Sauce Pots
Set of 2: 2 Sauce Pots
Individual: 1 Sauce Pot

Baby Food Containers

6 Smalls: includes 6 Food Containers
12 Smalls: includes 12 Food Containers
1 Small: includes one Food Container

1 Set:
1 fork, 1 spoon & 1 knife
2 Sets: 2 forks, 2 spoon & 2 knives
4 Sets: 4 forks, 4 spoon & 4 knives


Included in the Set of 2: 2 Napkins
Included in the Set of 4: 4 Napkins
Included in the Set of 8: 8 Napkin

How do I know it’s time to upgrade my foodware?

Because sustainability is our middle name, we’re big believers in reusing existing products. If you already have a great food storage option that meets all your needs, then it’s better to keep existing products in use for longer. Don’t worry, we’ll be here when you need us. 


Food Containers

If you are contemplating an upgrade to elevated foodware solutions like ours, you can be sure of your decision to ditch your current containers if they:

- Include toxic materials

- Leak often making eating well on-the-go hard

- Come in sizes/shapes that take up lots of room and make it difficult to store food or take it to-go. 

Other things to consider include what behaviors your foodware encourages - if you find yourself throwing out food because you have no way to store it or relying on old takeout containers that break after a few uses and leach toxic elements into your food, that’s a good indicator it’s time for INKA.


The Bag

We designed The Bag for dining on-the-go after learning the hard way that bringing lunch is much more difficult - and oftentimes messier - than it needs to be. Some good reasons to upgrade your brought-from-home meal game include:

- Your current bag makes you embarrassed to pull out at the office, which results in you buying takeout more than you need to - meaning you produce unnecessary waste.

- You have a long commute and find it hard to carry your food or your bag doesn’t keep food cool during your commute.

- Your lunch bag is porous and hard to clean. Alternatively, you don’t have a bag at all and are using something single-use each day to carry your food.

- You find bringing food on flights, hikes, or to the office hard and opt for takeout instead.

Where can I buy INKA products?

Right now, in the spirit of modernizing foodware, we’re online only. You can buy all of our products here at or you can purchase The Lunch Kit at Goop.

Where are your products made?

Our products are made with love by our makers in Shenzhen and Jaipur. We visited makers on 4 different continents before making a decision that met both our ethical and sustainable standards, without compromising on quality.

What should I do with my old foodware when I upgrade to INKA?

Congrats on elevating your lunch experience!

-> For your old food containers, make sure to recycle or donate those that are in good condition.

-> For plastic bags, we recommend that you give them to a local charity (like a food bank) if they can't be recycled.

Remember, recycling takes up a lot of energy so it's better to keep items "in use" before getting rid of them.

How do I know my INKA Food Containers won’t leak?

We were worried about the same thing. That's why we created brand new, patent-pending leakproof technology that’s the best stuff on the market. For real. Because we want your lunch to look good with your outfit, not on your outfit.

To ensure your Food Containers don't leak. Make sure the gaskets are installed correctly! Click here to download our care guide.

Are your Products Vegan & Cruelty-Free?

All of our products are cruelty free and vegan, except for our Napkins which are sustainably made with silk produced by silk worms. All materials used for the bag are 100% vegan.

Is The Lunch Kit insulated?

Yes, the materials we chose for Lunch Kit create a naturally insulating outer shell! Your food will hold the temperature it was at  when you put it in the Bag for a minimum of 2 hours. If you need to keep food cooler for longer, we recommend slipping in an ice pack or dropping it into the fridge when you get to work. 

Why is there no built in ice pack?

After speaking with over 800 professionals about their lunch routines, we found that most people stick their lunch straight in the office fridge, so adding built-in  ice packs would be unnecessary and only make the bag heavier. You can still slip in one of your own or, alternatively, drop your Lunch Kit in the fridge when you arrive at work— the whole thing is fridge-friendly! And you can bask in the knowledge that it’ll outshine any other lunch bag there (unless someone else also has a Lunch Kit).

How come you didn't use metal or glass for the Food Containers?

Oh boy, we know that the world has way too much plastic. So with our sustainability consultants at Go Well Consulting, we did a deep dive on how production and materials were impacting the environment, within the foodware industry. We learned that it's not plastic that's bad— it's the way we are using it.

Before plastics became abused as ‘single-use’ resource, they were actually a highly valuable, sustainable material, because their durability meant they stayed in-use for the longest amount of time when compared to other materials. For example, if you look at the interior of your car, there’s a ton of plastic on there, but it’s used in a sustainable long-lasting way and isn’t an environmental threat. 

Go Well Consulting helped us feel more comfortable in using a form of plastic instead of glass, especially when we compared the energy efficiency and carbon emissions of both materials.  Research told us that plastic is much more successfully recycled than glass and metal, and emits less carbon during transport– so when used forever it was kinder on the planet. Yep– we were surprised too! 

From a usability perspective, we found most people were struggling to ditch their single-use foodware because the metal options couldn't be microwaved and the glass options were too heavy for on-the-go (they're also terrible for carbon emissions during transport, due to their weight).

We didn’t want to settle for any plastic, however. We spent 3 years researching the right material and were lucky to find Tritan Copolyester, the most sustainable plastic out there. This US-made material lasts for years; it is commonly used for luxury blenders like the Vitamix and in the medical industry. It’s BPA-free and FDA approved– even for use in baby bottles. It’s 3 x the cost of glass and 5 x the cost of regular plastics,, which is why most foodware brands aren't using it, but we used it anyway.

Oh, and at end of its life, our Tritan Copolyester is fully recyclable (#7).

If you want to read more about us, check us out.

Are the INKA Food Containers BPA-free?

100% and more! We use Tritan by Eastman Copolyester, which doesn’t contain any BPA, BPS or bisphenols. It’s also free of any other estrogenic or androgenic activity. Super safe for you, your kids, your dog or anyone else you’re feeding. Third party tested so you can be sure of it.

Are INKA Food Containers dishwasher/microwave safe?

Yup! Our Containers are good to use in the microwave, dishwasher, fridge and freezer— the whole shebang. That said, dishwashing our Food Containers and Sauce Pots at temperatures over 80°C or 170°F can cause 'optical fog'. They will still be good to use but won't look as beautiful as they once were. If in doubt, hand-wash is best. When microwaving our foodware please make sure they are free of oily food to avoid damage.

Will the Lunch Kit fit inside my tote or handbag?

Probably, but it depends on the size of your tote! Our designers created The Lunch Kit with larger everyday work bags in mind. Super thin, so it slides in like a laptop. Bag dimensions are 200mm height x 75 depth x 220 width.

How do I clean the Lunch Kit?

The Lunch Kit is super easy to clean! We recommend wiping down the interior with a sponge, soap and some warm water. For deep cleaning you can even use a little bleach- it won't harm the materials. For more info on cleaning, download our care guide and read all about it.

Do your Food Containers stack on top of each other?

Yes, they do! Check them out here.

Can I buy replacement gaskets, lids etc?

Yes! Shoot us an email:

Is your packaging sustainable?

Yes! After weighing the options with our sustainability consultants, we decided to ship our products in a 100% thick, paper card. Here’s why:

If products don’t make it to the customer without defects, they typically get returned and the product goes straight to  landfill. Plastic is (unfortunately!) very good at getting things to people in like-new condition. That’s why you’ll often see products - especially in the kitchenware space - wrapped in a thin sleeve of plastic or foam bag to prevent scratches and bangs in transit.

But because we’re committed to fighting against single-use plastics plastic and foam packaging wasn’t an option for us. Therefore we opted for wrapping each product in a recyclable thick paper card. It offers the durability of plastic at a much lower cost to the environment.

We tried a method of packing all the Food Containers in one box to cut down our footprint even further. But after 8 drop tests, we found that the product wouldn’t withstand the handling by UPS and Fedex.

We know that any packaging is too much packaging for Mother Earth, but it is currently the best option we have to get our products safely to customers. We continue to assess the sustainability of our logistics, products and packaging, and if you have any ideas we’d love to hear them

I’m having trouble using my Food Containers

Check out our tips and tricks video for more info, or email us at for support.

What are your products made out of?

The Bag

Our Bag is made of silicone leather with a microfiber exterior. Silicone Leather (commonly used for the upholstery on luxury yachts) is vegan and made to withstand 10 years of salt spray and storms. It's never been used on a fashion accessory before — it's 3x as expensive as leather, but 10x better for the environment. For more info on The Bag materials, check out the details here. Or if you’d like to learn about the whole Lunch Kit, click here.

The Food Containers

After two years of extensive research, determined to solve all your Food Container problems, we chose Tritan copolyester – safe and light enough to travel with, but also durable enough for a lifetime of at-home food storage. Tritan is known as the "Rolls Royce" of plastics, and is  FDA approved (even for babies) by Eastman, the only company that third party tests its material. For more info on Tritan and why we used it, check out the details here. Curious why we didn’t use glass? Scroll up to read that question! 

For details on the materials we use for our other products, click on their pages here: Sauce Pot, Silverware, Napkins, The Lunch Kit, and The Hat.

Why is The Lunch Kit $245?

We value transparency - especially when it comes to pricing. And when it comes to The Lunch Kit, the majority of the cost lies in The Bag itself, which retails at $210. This price is lower than average for a leather good, but higher than average for a lunch bag. That’s because of the type of material we use - silicone leather. 

In our 3 years of product development, our hearts were set on a leather-like solution, so that the kit would be elevated enough for the office and durable enough for the outdoors. But we soon realized that the leather industry was tricky from a sustainability standpoint. The only two materials available to make ‘leather’ bags were animal leathers and synthetic PU/PVC ones. Neither would work by our standards.

That’s when we stumbled upon silicone leather, a tech material never before used for bags because of its exorbitant price (8x that of animal leather). Previously, it had only been used for upholstery on luxury yachts. So we said bon voyage to our margins and used it anyway! Why? Because we were determined to create a foodware solution that could be passed down for generations - one that unlike its neoprene and nylon counterparts, would never see the inside of a landfill. 

We get that the price point is higher than other foodware solutions. But you get what you pay for. Do the math- if you’re preparing and transporting food everyday (or trying to), investing in a long-lasting solution that makes you feel good and inspires you to eat well is worth it. Not to mention the service you’d be doing the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

If you’re not ready to commit to The Lunch Kit, we offer all its components individually, so you can purchase all that comes inside it for less than $50, and go for The Bag when you’re ready.

What are the dimensions of INKA products?

The Lunch Kit — 21oz • 9.1 x 7.5 x 3’

Food Container Large —  5.4 x 8.3in. • 25.15 fl oz capacity

Food Container Medium — 8.6oz • 5.4 x 5.4in. • 17.04 fl oz capacity

Food Container Small — 4.6oz  • 5.4 x 2.7in. • 7.5 fl oz capacity

Sauce Pot — 1.1oz • 1.8x1.8” • 30ml or 1oz capacity

Knife — 6.5” • 0.9oz

Fork — 6.3” • 0.8oz

Spoon —  6.1” • 1.1oz

Napkins —  25.4x 25.4cm or 10 x 10"

Will my INKA Food Containers stain?

Short answer: not likely, but beware the turmeric. Long answer: because we use Tritan copolyester, a medical grade tech-material used in high-end appliances like the Vitamix blender, our Containers are very stain-resistant. They don’t absorb colors/oils as easily as other containers because they are non-porous. Tomato-based sauces, for example, don’t stain our Containers with regular use. 

That said, with ingredients like curry powder and turmeric, there is potential for staining if left in our Containers for 3+ days. We recommend storing these foods for a short period of time and hand washing with warm, soapy water.

Payments & Gifting

Do you accept Afterpay/Klarna/Affirm?

We’re sorry to say that we don’t currently accept afterpay or any other buy-now-pay-later options. We do, however, accept Paypal, GPay, and ShopPay.

Do you offer gifting options all year round?

Yes we do! All our products are gift wrapped and we also sell Gift Cards.

Can I include a message in a gift order?

Yes of course, you can add a gift message during check out.

Can I assure that the price is not shown on my gift order?

100%. No printed receipts are included with your order (you know, to save the trees).

I was gifted an INKA product. Can I return or exchange it?

Yes, email us at with your order number to process a return or exchange! Please be aware that all exchanges and returns cost a $15 shipping and restocking fee.

Press, Sales & Partnerships

I want to get in touch with INKA for a partnership/ collaboration

Email us at with all inquiries.

We aim to respond to all inquiries within 2 business days.

Does INKA have an affiliate program?

Yes, please email us at to apply!

I’m an influencer, how can I work with INKA?

Yippee! We’re always looking to work with people passionate about our products. Reach out to us at with some ideas for a collab. We’ll contact you if it’s a good fit.

I’m interested in speaking with INKA about press opportunities.

We’re interested in talking to you! Please email us at

I want to sell your products in my retail store.

Brick & mortar or web-native retailers welcome! Please email us at

I want to work at INKA, are you hiring?

Groovy! Please email us with your resume at

Shipping, Returns, and Exchanges

I have a question about returns, shipping, or exchanges

We’ve got a whole page for that. Get all your shipping-related questions answered here.