Frequently Asked Questions


What is inka?

We've created elevated lunchware, revolutionizing the way we transport food. Bringing lunch from home has always been awful— Mom's old Tupperware is leaky, plastic knives can't cut through anything and the lunch hour is the most environmentally-wasteful meal of the day.

Whether you've prepared the perfect salad or are just throwing in last night's Pad Thai, we're here to help you look good, feel good and reduce your environmental footprint while dining al desko.

What else will Inka sell?

We have a lot in the works, including two new products launching later this year. Stay in the loop by following us on IG We also love getting feedback and your suggestions about how we can help you be Good at Lunch. Text us at +1 (917) 708-8859 with your ideas!

How can I work with Inka?

Email us at with all inquiries.

We aim to respond to all inquiries within 2 business days.

Sustainability + Ethics

What are Inka's brand values and beliefs?

Quality over quantity.

You don’t need a lot of stuff, you just need the good stuff. We think one good product can replace three or four bad ones, and that the stuff you use should last longer than two years. So we’ve used the best quality materials out there to make a product that’s going to work as hard and as long as you do.


You don’t need a nutritionist to tell you there’s no one right way to eat. Whatever it is that you need or want— vegan, paleo, last week’s leftovers— we’re here for it. We believe everyone should eat what makes them feel best, which is different for everyone! You do you.


You’re in charge. You should know what goes into your body and what goes into the stuff you buy. We’re here to help you make the food that makes you feel good and bring it to work in the way you want: that works with your body, your ethics and your lifestyle. 


We started Inka to help people reduce plastic waste in the workplace, but we didn’t stop there. We’ve researched companies and factories end to end before deciding to work with them, trying to find the most sustainable, long-lasting materials, fully recyclable packaging, and have it all made in factories that treat people how we’d want to be treated.

Which certifications do Inka's products have?

Why yes, we do. Our napkins are GOTS-certified organic cotton and the amazing team who makes them are WRAP, SEDEX and AEON certified.

Our Tritan Copolyester is certified BPA-free and EA-free.

We’re also working with a sustainability consulting firm (Go Well Consulting) to make sure that we’re always doing our best and headed towards bigger and better goals.

What should I do with my old lunchware?

Congrats on elevating your lunch experience!

For your old food containers, make sure to recycle or donate them, if they're in good condition.

For plastic bags, we recommend that you give them to local charity (like a food bank) if they can't be recycled.

Remember, recycling takes up a lot of energy so it's better to keep items "in use" before getting rid of them.

Product & Care

How do I know my Food Containers wonโ€™t leak?

We were worried about the same thing. So we created brand new, patent-pending leakproof technology that’s the best stuff on the market. For real. Because we want your lunch to look good with your outfit, not on your outfit.

To ensure your Food Containers don't leak. Make sure the gaskets are installed correctly! Click here to download our care guide. 

Is The Lunch Kit insulated?

After speaking with over 800 professionals about their lunch routines, we found that most people stick their lunch straight in the office fridge, so adding ice packs would be unnecessary and only made the bag heavier.

That said, the Lunch Kit is naturally insulating. The tech materials we use help your lunch hold the temperature they were at when you put them in the bag. That said, it doesn't keep food hot and cold for extended periods of time (think, 8 hrs +).

When you get to the office, we recommend you drop your lunch kit in the fridge— the whole thing is fridge-friendly— and bask in the knowledge that it’ll outshine any other lunch bag there. (Unless someone else also has The Lunch Kit.)

How come you didn't use metal or glass for the Food Containers?

Oh boy. First of all, we know that the world has way too much plastic. So with our sustainability consultants at Go Well Consulting, we did a deep dive on the current environmental state of the world. We learned that it's not plastic that's bad— it's the way we are using it.

In our research, we found the majority of people were struggling to switch to sustainable lunchware, because the metal options couldn't be microwaved and the glass options were too heavy (they're also terrible for carbon emissions during transport, due to their weight).

That's why we opted for Tritan Copolyester, the most sustainable plastic out there. This US-made material lasts for years; it is commonly used for luxury blenders and even FDA-approved for use in baby bottles. It's not cheap, which is why most lunchware brands aren't using it, but we used it anyway.

Oh, and at end of its life, our Tritan Copolyester is fully recyclable (#7).

If you want to read more about us, check us out.

Are the Food Containers BPA-free?

100%. And more! We use Tritan by Eastman Copolyester, which doesn’t contain any BPA, BPS or any bisphenols.

It’s also free of any other estrogenic or androgenic activity. Super safe for you, your kids, your dog or anyone else you’re feeding.

Third party tested so you can be sure of it.

Are the Food Containers microwave safe? Dishwasher safe?

Yup! Our containers are safe for so much. Microwave, dishwasher, fridge and freezer— the whole shebang.

Can I buy replacements?

Yes! Shoot us an email:

Are your bags vegan?

100%. And so are a bunch of our employees! ๐Ÿ‘ฉ๐Ÿป‍๐ŸŒพ

Will The Lunch Kit fit inside my tote or handbag?

Probably, but it depends on the size of your tote! Our designers created The Lunch Kit with larger everyday work bags in mind. Super thin, so it slides in like a laptop. Bag dimensions are 200mm height x 75 depth x 220 width.

How do I clean The Lunch Kit?

Download our care guide and read all about it.

Do your Food Containers stack on top of each other?

Yes, they do! Check them out here.