Get good
at lunch

Break up with take out containers
Most plastic bags are only used for 12 mins before being tossed
Plastic forks never break down in a landfill
On average, people use 80 rolls of paper towels annually
Lunch is the most wasteful meal in America

Time for an upgrade

Say goodbye to Mom's old takeout containers

Our Products

The Lunch Kit

Everything you need for dining al fresco (or al desko).


Reusable, recyclable and prettier than plastic.


The paper towel's older, cooler, and greener cousin.

Sauce Pot

A long-lasting sauce pot for dressings & condiments.

"Elevates a packed meal to a whole new level"
"Worlds more elegant than the classic brown bag"
"The luxe lunchtime experience — that's also sustainable."
Is this the most stylish lunchbox in the world?

No leaks

Food containers with our patent-pending InvisiSeal technology.


Designed for both food storage at-home and lunches on-the-go.

Sustainable materials

Environmentally-friendly, built for a decade of lunch & leftovers.

Not convinced?

In the time you’ve read this, 18 tons of food packaging have been thrown away. Break up with single-use lunchware.