A guide to getting rid of all those old containers

A guide to getting rid of all those old containers

We can only assume if you’re reading this, you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to up your food storage game. Congrats! If that’s not the case and you’re still debating, this article should help.


Upgrading can be great: the anticipation of a package, the rush of unboxing, the relief in having a product that solves your problems. But there’s an ugly side to upgrading - what you leave behind. Think the island of misfit toys, but stacks of stained and stinky food containers, not to mention a whole lot of plastic packaging.

We want upgrading to INKA to be a different story. We’d prefer you have high-quality products designed to be passed down generations  (delivered in 100% recyclable packaging), so you never have to upgrade - and unload -  again. Still a great feeling, but for an even better reason. 

So when the inevitable (and last) upgrade to INKA foodware comes around, here’s a plan for what to do with your outgoing stuff, and how to do it sustainably:

#1 Repurpose

Repurposing is the name of the game. If your current containers aren’t safe enough for food, consider using them as storage around the house. If your current ‘lunch bag’ isn’t up to the job, demote it to your produce bag. Crappy napkins not cute enough for dinner guests? You just found your new dish rag.

#2 Re-gift

We’re big believers in using what you already have, but that doesn’t mean holding onto containers you’ll never use again. If you can’t find an alternate use for them, the next best option is to find someone who can. You might be able to donate your old foodware, depending on its condition, or hand it off to your cousin who’s starting college in the fall. If they’re skeptical, put some baked goods inside (if you need edible gift ideas, we got you).

#3 Recycle

If all else fails, or your foodware is in bad shape, do the research and dispose of it in the proper way. That means recycle if recyclable, and maybe more importantly, don’t recycle if it’s not. Check out our post on the do’s and don'ts of recycling here.


Go make some room for your incoming INKA sustainably and guilt-free. Because upgrading should feel good.


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Food Containers

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Ready to upgrade your foodware?

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