When is it time to upgrade Your foodware?
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When is it time to upgrade Your foodware?

Before we chat about upgrading, there’s no point in switching to our elevated, sustainable solutions if it means foodware in working condition ends up in landfill. So here’s our list of questions to ask yourself for a sustainable & timely foodware upgrade.

Food Containers

Questions about your current containers:

1. Do they include toxic chemicals like BPAs?

2. Do they leak often, making it difficult to take food on-the-go?

3. Does their irregular sizing take up lots of space in your drawer or fridge?

4. Are they broken?

5. Do you have enough containers?

Questions about your behavior:

1. Do you throw food out because you have no way to store it?

2. Do you rely on old takeout containers that are toxic & easily broken?

3. Do you opt for takeout because carrying food is a damn pain?

4. Do you hide your containers in a bag when taking on-the-go because the embarrassment is just too much?

5. Is your health taking a back seat because you don’t have the tools to prep & pack meals? 

If you answered yes to more than a few questions, or maybe just one deal-breaker, you need an upgrade. Click here to upgrade your Containers. 


The Bag

Questions about your current food or lunch bag:

1. Is it a single-use plastic bag and/or you don’t have a bag at all?

2. Is it made from unsustainable and porous materials that are hard to clean, absorb smells, or show signs of breaking down?

3. Is there a place to put dirty silverware?

4. Does your bag or food containers leak, ruining everything else inside?

5. Does it keep food compact & secure while in transit to avoid mess & leakage?

Questions about your behavior:

1. Are you embarrassed to carry your current lunch bag or pull it out in meetings?

2. Do you struggle to keep food fresh during your long commute?

3. Are you opting for takeout  because the stress of bringing food on flights, hikes, or to the office is too much to bear?

4. Do you end up carrying 4 different bags to keep food out of your handbag?

5. Are you skipping or eating unhealthy meals because carrying homemade food is a hassle? 

Again, if you answered yes to more than a few questions, get your upgrade here


Not sure what to do with your old foodware after you upgrade? We're working on a guide. But in the meantime, here's some stuff to cook for your new containers.

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Ready to upgrade your foodware?

Start by upgrading those old takeout containers made of cheap, toxic plastics.