8 Brain-Boosting Snacks for the Return of Office Life

8 Brain-Boosting Snacks for the Return of Office Life

For some of us, the days of making unsolicited trips to the fridge between meetings are coming to an end. But if there’s one thing we learned during a year of WFH, it’s that quitting the convenience snacks saves us from afternoon slumps and depleted funds. Keep your mind sharp and wallets full with our top 8 brain-boosting snacks:

1. Homemade hummus or guacamole

Dip and veggies are the perfect portable snack (especially in our Containers). Chickpeas are packed with magnesium, fiber, and protein, while guac has all those fatty acids we know and love. 


2. Nuts or granola bars

No fridge or equipment required! Nuts and oats have been linked to higher brain function and both keep you full in small portions. We don’t go anywhere without a Small Container filled with nuts. And a homemade bar is a great option for those of us in a constant state of running late. 

3. Stuffed dates

Dates are full of natural energy and a great no-fridge option for a brain-boosting office snack. It just so happens we have a tasty stuffed date recipe (see here). Use it as a template and get creative with your combos!

4. Fruit & nut butter

Fresh fruit is another great source of natural sugar and antioxidants. We like to pre-cut and carry them in a Food Container to avoid bruising in transit. Even better, fill up a Sauce Pot with your favorite nut butter for an extra protein boost to power you through the day. 

5. Chia pudding

Take 3 minutes to get some chia pudding going in the fridge before bed. Prepare in an INKA Container and pop it in the fridge for a quick, filling snack. Chia has been shown to improve cognitive performance. Hello secret weapon!


6. Dark chocolate

Music to everyone’s ears – dark chocolate improves brain function and of course, tastes delightful. A simple chocolate bar in the purse will do wonders for hunger pangs and office morale. 

7. Seaweed

Seaweed is a great source of plant-based omega 3 fatty acids. We like to buy it in dehydrated sheets and munch on it throughout the day. If you’re not a fan of the dried stuff, we’ve got a recipe for a killer wakame salad that makes for a great side or snack. See here

8. Coconut Yogurt 

If you’re running late - which let’s face it, is more often than not - reach for a coco yogurt cup. Sure, maybe it’s not as sustainable or ~DIY~ as the other options, but it’s packed with a ton of probiotics and will save you the 3pm trip to the vending machine. 


Next time your stomach starts to growl before your first in-person meeting, try one of these snacks that fuels your brain and satisfies your taste buds.

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