How to Travel with INKA
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How to Travel with INKA

By now, you’ve got your travel legs back. But all this shoveling food under your mask while no one’s looking has us wondering what the rules are for flying with Food Containers. Here, we cover everything you need to know about traveling with INKA, so the only thing you have to worry about is the turbulence. 

3 rules for traveling with INKA:

  • At 1 oz (30ml), our Sauce Pot is ready for all your liquids - salad dressings and face creams rejoice! Our other Containers are all over the 3.4 oz limit for liquids, but they’re still good for carrying-on dry food. Our favorite plane prep is a nutritious grain bowl in the Large Food Container or our Small filled with fresh fruit for extra hydration. 

  • Changes in air pressure can make that leakproof seal you know and love a little tough to crack. Simply crack the lid on your Food Containers while in the air to release air pressure - it shouldn’t be hard with all those tasty snacks you’ve got! 

  • Knives are prohibited in carry-on luggage. So, if you’re traveling with your Silverware Set, move your knife to your checked bag to avoid losing it at security (we’ve learnt this the hard way). Our forks and spoons are safe to carry-on, and better for the environment than the single-use stuff you’d get at the airport.

A tip for new parents

Traveling with little ones? No stress! TSA permits baby food, formula, and breast milk in “reasonable quantities.” In other words, you may have more than 3.4 oz, but don’t bring an excessive amount. Enter our Baby Food Containers for a leak-free and food-safe guarantee. They just ask that you notify a TSA agent before screening and remove all baby-related liquids from your bags for separate screening. 

Why you should bring your own food

You might have read this article thinking, why would I fly with food when I could buy it at the airport? To that, we’d say that airport food is no friend to healthy eating. Read more about staying healthy on vacation and why the airport isn’t the place to do it here.  


We designed our products to help you eat well on-the-go, and vacations are no exception. Click here to stock up on elevated foodware essentials for your next trip. Safe travels and happy high altitude dining!

Foodware for your next trip

Food Containers

Say goodbye to mom’s old takeout containers and hello to INKA’s patent-pending InvisiSeal technology. We spent 3 years designing the last set of Food Containers you’ll ever need, for both at-home food storage and meals on-the-go. Yep, microwavable and dishwasher-safe too.

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