8 Ways to Eat Better on Vacation

8 Ways to Eat Better on Vacation

After a week of eating out, it’s no surprise that even the most well-travelled foodies can experience a bit of digestive stress. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up tips for staying healthy while OOO:

1. Quit the airport junk food

What we eat at the airport can often set the tone for the trip. Binging on wine and bags of chips is hard on your wallet and your digestive system. Come prepared with your own healthy, non-processed snacks packed in INKA to sustain you throughout the flight. Think nuts, a wrap, yogurt cups, veggies, fruit and hummus, etc. If you’re the type to cut your airport arrivals close, pick up a salad or grain bowl on your way. And don’t forget to drink tons of water to combat dry cabin air!

2. Don’t skip breakfast 

Skipping breakfast on vacation is like setting yourself up for failure. If you’re hangry, jet-lagged and ravenous by lunchtime, you’re more likely to overeat and hit a food coma in the afternoon.

3. Beware the buffet

When it comes to the hotel buffet, you might be presented with a test of will power. We recommend aiming for just one plate’s worth of food (we know, so hard!) predominantly filled with fruit, healthy carbs and unprocessed protein.  Pro tip: take a full lap of the buffet before adding anything to your plate so you’re not acting out of impulse. 

4. For snacks, skip the mini bar and shop local

The infamous hotel mini bar can be tempting come the lull between a day of sightseeing and the long stretch until dinner. Instead of dipping into the expensive sugar and salt-laden snacks, take a stroll to the local farmers' market or grocery store and pick up some fresh food. Not only is it fun to see what stocks the shelves in another place, but it’s also much better for you. 

5. Indulge strategically 

The whole point of going on vacation is to experience and enjoy, so please, leave the diet at home! Do, however, be strategic when it comes to your indulgences to spare yourself the digestive stress and sluggish feeling. We recommend identifying your splurges in advance. Let's say Sunday is your full-on dinner at Le Meurice Paris and Tuesday morning you’ve reserved for hot chocolate and croissants at Angelina. Plan around those daily indulgences with lighter, nutrient dense meals and lots of fruit and veg. 

6. Mind your alcohol consumption

Vacation memories are often made over colorful concoctions, show-stopping cocktails, and glasses of wine. While we’re all for a boozy night on the town in a new place, opt for drinks without added juice or sugar like a simple spirit with tonic or glass of white wine. Be sure to up your water intake as well - dehydrated and hungover is not an ideal combination.

7. A room with a view (and a kitchen)

If you’re really committed to feeling good, book an Airbnb with a kitchenette so you can make some of your own food. It can feel wrong to spend vacation time in your room, but you can save money, time and digestive discomfort by making meals yourself. You can always take your home-prepared dish on a sight-seeing tour or to a local park and just eat dinners out. 

8. Travel on foot

One of the best things you can do to stay healthy is move your body! Opt for walking instead of the bus, train, or taxi when exploring a new place. It can be particularly helpful after an indulgent meal and saves money too. 


You can be a foodie without feeling bad on vacation! Keep your eating intuitive - don’t restrict, don’t keep track, just do what feels right for your body. After all, you know it best.

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