What to Eat for Lunch: Zodiac Edition

What to Eat for Lunch: Zodiac Edition

We turn to the stars for advice on anything from our love life to the ideal coffee order. But did you ever think to consult your horoscope before making lunch? After weeks of co-star reconnaissance and 30 Buzzfeed star sign quizzes later and we bring you your ideal lunch, based on your zodiac sign.


Spicy burrito with double guacamole

Aries are all about getting things done - they can’t be bothered to sit down for lunch, let alone spend time cooking it. They need something as fiery and energized as they are to keep them on the move for the whole day. Enter the spicy burrito.



Fettuccine al salmone

Tauruses, on the contrary, will take the full lunch hour to sit down and savor every bite of their meal. They appreciate decadent flavors and textures and will put in the effort to make sure they create a stunning meal.



Granola bar, banana & a yogurt parfait

Geminis are busybodies – their packed social calendar means lunch is an afterthought. A constant stream of snacks are more this sign’s style. They’ll never eat the same thing twice and are always on the lookout for up-and-coming snack brands.



Tomato soup & grilled cheese

Cancers are sensitive people with sensitive tummies! They gravitate towards comfort foods that make them feel nurtured and nostalgic. Takeout lunch is the enemy to any Cancer - they’d prefer to dine in and know exactly what is on the plate they’re eating.



Delivery from Carbone

Leos are the royals of the Zodiac, or at least would like to have you believe it. Lunch for them is a show-stopper meal without any of the effort. They’re ordering gourmet takeout to the office or home.



Sweetgreen salad

Virgos are proudly Type A and as such, tend to go for healthy lunches between their strategically planned snack breaks. Sweetgreen is their go-to because they get to customize their salad - remember, a Virgo is never not in control!



Organic grain bowl

Libras love a balanced diet and a vibrant social life. The ability to share is a high priority when choosing lunch because this sign is all about fairness and equality, inside and out.



Spicy black garlic ramen & a side of olives

Scorpios have bold personalities and an equally as bold taste in flavors. They tend to throw food norms out the window and mix traditionally separate flavors and textures. Lunch is always a decision based on intuition and what sounds good at the moment.



Foraged mushrooms or gas station sushi

Sagittarius's love for adventure translates to their taste in food. They would gamble on gas station sushi or anything that reminds them of their travels afar. A quick forage in the woods is always a preferred method of “taking lunch.”



Meal prepped chicken & rice

Capricorns are traditionalists who know what they like and rarely crave new food experiences. They are happy eating the same lunch 4 days in a row, and as such are big fans of bulk meal prepping.



Vegan seasonal salad

Aquarians are nature (and people) lovers and often opt for seasonal, plant-based lunches. Ethically-sourced ingredients are a must and the farmer’s market is one of their favorite ways to spend a weekend.



Green curry with garlic naan

Pisces are constantly divided, especially when it comes to food. It’s a constant battle between cravings for comfort and adventure, healthy and decadent, and so on. Curry is a solid bet because it has unique flavors but a comforting effect.


From Aires to Pisces and every sign in between, metaphysical mastery of lunch awaits! 

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