Ultimate Guide to Storing Produce

Ultimate Guide to Storing Produce

You made a list. You braved the grocery store and stocked your fridge. Fast forward 5 days and the story sours - your bananas have spoiled, your celery is wilted and you end up throwing out half of what you bought just 5 days earlier. 

Sound familiar? We’ve got the best food storage tips, so that never happens again.

The 3 Evils of Food Storage

There are three factors that determine the shelf-life of produce during storage: temperature, airflow, and ethylene gas. Some fruits naturally emit ethylene, which can speed up the ripening or decay of ethylene-sensitive produce. Refrigerator or not, ethylene producers need to be kept in separate camps. See our table below for details.  




Enjoy a longer lifespan for your produce with this food storage guide! Now wondering how to store leftovers? Lucky for you, we have a guide for that too. Check it out here.

For longer-lasting produce

Food Containers

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