The INKA Holiday Gift Guide

The INKA Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone eats, so you can’t go wrong with our gifts from $6 to $245. From the budding master chef to the leftovers queen, we’ve got your whole list covered.


The Lunch Kit

For the wellness junkie who always has somewhere to be.

The Silverware Set

For the friend you met in college whose drawer is still filled with mismatched or plastic cutlery.

Food Containers (Set of 6)

For the pal who's trying to ditch takeout for 2021.

Food Containers (Set of 12)

For the host who sends everyone home with leftovers.

Food Containers (Set of 18)

For the mom whose stained takeout containers have needed an upgrade since 1972.

Sauce Pot

For the friend who hates the word ~moist~ or a $6 stocking stuffer for literally anyone.


For the sibling who’s been known to use the back of their hand as a napkin.

The Puzzle

For the relative who needs to stop talking politics and learn how to relax!

The Hat

For the friend who always drags you to the farmers market and lives for dining al fresco.

The Bag

For the sister who won't shut up about our Containers and wants to take them on-the-go.

Friends, family, or for yourself - every order over $95 comes with a free INKA puzzle for the holidays. Click here to shop.

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