How We Designed Foodware to Maximize Your Space
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How We Designed Foodware to Maximize Your Space

We’re answering all your questions about ways to store, stack, and stash away your INKA Food Containers.

It's Hip to be Square

We designed our Containers almost perfectly squared off, avoiding any tapering for maximal food storage and minimal wasted space in the fridge. Opting for more modular shapes was important to us for many reasons, including: 

  1. No tapering means more available space for food and less food waste.
  2. Stacking is a breeze. The square shape makes it easy to stack closed containers on top of each other in the fridge, cabinet, drawer, or anywhere in between!
  3. Fits well with other items in your fridge! If you’ve ever owned circular or rounded containers, you know how frustrating they can make fridge organization.
  4. The modularity of our Food Containers means they fit perfectly in The Lunch Kit, gym bag or tote. 



To Nest or Not

We’re used to a Russian nesting doll situation when it comes to container storage. That, or things look more like a pile of unmatched and unorganized lids and containers. 

Most food containers are tapered at the bottom to nest within each other for storage. We chose not to do this because tapered containers take up the same amount of space in the fridge, but have less available space (volume) for food. It may seem like a minuscule design feature, but to us, that was a huge trade-off.

While our containers don’t nest in the conventional way, there are alternative nesting and storage options. For example, two small Containers fit in a large Container, and one small Container fits in a medium Container. The lids are thin and can be stacked sideways and the silicone gaskets can even be stored separately. We recommend using a deep drawer for stacking lids and containers separately. 


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