How to Upcycle Your Inka Packaging

How to Upcycle Your Inka Packaging

Ever experienced the thrill of receiving a package, only to be followed by a crushing wave of eco-guilt over what to do with all the packaging? During the design process, we thought not just about how to make the packaging itself sustainable, but also how it might have alternate uses in the future. 

We’re very excited to share with you some of our favorite ways to upcycle your packaging so you can feel great about your new products and even better about your environmental footprint:

1. Storage organization

Use the trays as drawer dividers for small items in the kitchen, closet, or bathroom. Socks, jewelry, sunglasses, scrunchies, nail polish, and lipsticks are just a few items that would benefit from an organization transformation. If you’re really an upcycling pro, you can cut up the sleeves to use as dividers for the trays! With our larger Lunch Kit box, you can scale up and use it as storage for scarves and swimwear.

2. Photo box

Use the Lunch Kit box or any tray (with or without the sleeve) as a place to store physical photo prints. Get out the label maker (or a sharpie) and enjoy the feeling that comes with knowing exactly where your photos from New Years 2012 are. 

3. Re-gift!

Something about upcycling and regifting just makes sense. A little magic we like to work is reverse the outer sleeve and tape back down so you don’t see the branding. Tie a bow around the box and voila! You’ve got a cute and sustainable gift box.

4. Planter box

Did someone say plant mom? Toss some soil and seeds in any of our trays and watch the power of upcycling at work! We recommend growing small herbs and windowsill plants that don’t require too much soil. You can also use them for seedlings and transfer to a larger pot when ready. 

Other upcycling ideas

  • Storage for craft items
  • The large box is great for storing random holiday cards
  • Repurpose the Lunch Kit box as a shoe box
  • If you need paper or cardboard to start a fire, use our boxes instead of purchasing new resources 
  • If you have kids, use them for their toys (or cat toys!)
  • Sewing box
  • Box for first aid


There are no limits to how far upcycling can go! Do what works for your lifestyle and DM us at on Instagram with your upcycling inspo.

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