How to Support Your Local Restaurant Networks without Flexing Your Takeout Muscle

How to Support Your Local Restaurant Networks without Flexing Your Takeout Muscle

It’s no secret that we aren’t the biggest fans of takeout. But – and this is a big but – we're a year into a pandemic and restaurants are still suffering. 

So, for those of you using takeout as your means of support, we urge you to keep these things in mind to minimize your environmental impact and maximize your direct-to-restaurant dollars.

  1. Ask for minimal packaging whenever possible
  2. Order directly from a restaurant when possible
  3. Pick-up is preferred to delivery in cases where it’s foot/bike vs. car
  4. Order in bulk from small restaurants for work functions, weddings, birthdays, etc  (less individual meal packaging & more profitable for restaurant) 


When it comes to food delivery, choose platforms that actually help restaurants, like Traiilo (Brooklyn), Black and Mobile (Philadelphia), ChopEats (national), or Runningman (LA). 


For those of you who are determined to kick your takeout habit once and for all, there are plenty of other, often more sustainable, options available.

Non-Donation Alternatives to Takeout

  • Purchase Gift Cards! 
  • Buy Merch! 
  • Purchase Meal Kits/food products over takeout when available (overall less packaging per person)
  • Shop food products from restaurants nationwide here

Donation Alternatives To Takeout

For Restaurant/Service Workers (and their families):

For Restaurants:

    For Farmers/Growers:

    Until we dine (in) again, let’s dine responsibly for our communities and our planet 👩🏽‍🌾

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