How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

How to Plan the Perfect Picnic

The hot weather has settled in and the season for al fresco dining has officially begun. But planning a picnic is more than dragging out your gingham blanket and wicker basket. We’ll set you up for picnic perfection with these 5 tips:

1. Pick your spot and plan accordingly

Where you choose to picnic will determine what you need to bring. Will it be the park, the beach, or a forest outing followed by a short hike? Your fellow picnickers want to feel enchanted wherever they are, so pack throw pillows, a good blanket, or towels to keep everyone comfortable. Don’t forget to stay on top of the forecast - nothing kills the vibe more than unexpected rain or wind. Bug spray and sunscreen are also well appreciated. 

2. Travel light

The more extravagant looking the picnic the better, right? Wrong. Bring no more than is comfortable to carry. You wouldn't be the first to suffer through pain for aesthetic glory, but you’ll want to pack light. Similarly, store your food in containers that are light and leak proof for easy transport, but stylish enough to elevate your picnic (see here). The truly pro tip to cut down unnecessary weight, though, is making sure you do all the prep work ahead of time.

3. Crowd control

A picnic is a multi-person affair, so don’t be afraid to go pot-luck style. Never in the history of picnics has anyone been mad to have 2 dessert options. And while dessert might keep the crowd in check, boredom is the enemy of any good picnic. Snacks and conversation might be enough for your crowd, but consider bringing a speaker, cards, or a game to keep the good vibes going all day long.

4. Set a strategic menu

Don’t let the laid back snack-centric vibe of a picnic fool you. There's an art to it. The grazing board is a must – visually pleasing, shareable, nourishing, and adaptable to all diets. We like to say 3 cheeses minimum with loads of fresh fruit, nuts, dips, crackers/pitas, meats, and of course, a fresh baguette to tear into. What’s missing, you say? A few seasonal salads to balance out the carbs and dairy. For dessert, opt for a fruit crumble or anything tray-baked and heat resilient. When it comes to drinks, a BYOB policy is preferred. We’re a fan of sangria, canned spritz, or probiotic sodas.  

5. Go green

Single-use options are a tempting option, but being sustainable is worth the extra weight. With lightweight containers that double as plates and keep freshness locked in, you’ll ditch the seran wrap and tinfoil for good (get reusable napkins and stylish silverware while you’re at it). When it comes time to pack up and go, conveniently store trash or food waste in our leak proof Containers to dispose of or compost at home.


You might be thinking picnics seem a bit more complex than they appear on social media. And you’d be right! But with this new knowledge, you’re one al fresco spread away from achieving picnic perfection.

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