How to Master the Midday Reset

How to Master the Midday Reset

 Setting aside time for lunch was hard enough at the office. Now, with the fridge close and the couch calling, prioritizing wellness while taking lunch is even harder. Because we know a thing or two about lunch, we’re sharing our tips for a mindful lunch hour. 

1. Take a breather

Literally. Take 10 deep breaths at the start of your lunch hour to let yourself know break time has started. If you’d like to turn 10 breaths into 10 minutes of mindful meditation, even better! The more time you spend turned inward, the more prepared you’ll be to return for the second half of the day.

2. Eat intentionally

Wandering hands around the kitchen and unscheduled trips to the fridge can make us feel bloated and lacking energy. Lunch is your fuel for the rest of the day, so make it count! That means stocking up on brain foods that will propel you to eod. Don’t skip and god please don’t eat in front of your laptop screen. It disrupts you from mindful eating.

3. Devices away

Some days, the thought of closing your laptop at all is a nightmare. But what if we told you putting your devices away during lunch time actually prepares you to come back stronger for the second half of the day? Sure, they’ll be some days where the sad desk salad is a reality. But whenever possible, put away the tech and spend some time with yourself. 

4. Move your body

Take Nike’s advice and just do it. The beauty of working from home (other than pants being optional) is that it's totally acceptable to pop out for a quick brainstorm walk or 15 pilates at the kitchen counter. Fight bad posture, sore backs, and burnout with some micro bursts of movement throughout your day. 

5. Get outside!

Fresh air and natural light can do wonders for our attention spans and productivity. Make the most of your lunch break by taking food al fresco (now more doable than ever thanks to our Food Containers). Walking across the block to get a coffee is also acceptable. 

Pro Tips from the team:

Here’s a taste of what you’ll get in lunchbreaking 2.0. 

"Spend at least 5 minutes looking long distance, even just out the window. This helps to relax and prepare the eyes for a long afternoon staring at the screen" - Leah
"Ease into work again beginning with your most creative task. Your mind will be refreshed from taking time away and intentionally starting with something creative sets the tone for the rest of the day." - Emilie
"If your schedule allows it, cook lunch for yourself. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, but stepping purposefully away from your screen(s) to nourish your body is always worth it. And drink lots of water!" - Gabby


Wellness doesn’t start and stop at lunch. Weave these practices throughout your day and incorporate them into your routine. See what combination works best for you and get on your way to master the midday reset.

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