How to Clean Your Inka Products
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How to Clean Your Inka Products

During our research, 79% of lunchers said cleaning their foodware was an issue– it stained, smelt and was NSFW. While cleaning may seem  like a small inconvenience, hygiene was one of the biggest reasons why folks were opting for single-use containers and ziplock bags, and we don’t need to tell you the problem with that.

Here’s our tips and a rundown on the design features that make cleaning a breeze:

Food Containers & Sauce Pots

Bye bye, build up! Conventional food storage containers make it all too easy for food to get stuck and all too difficult for you to reach with a sponge.  

The Bag

Nylon or canvas  lunch bags have hard to reach nooks and materials that encourage bacteria growth. 


    Reusable and easy to clean? We’re changing the silverware game.


      Our Napkins are the perfect blend of silk and cotton for an elegant look and easy cleaning.

        Spend less time cleaning and more time eating with our thoughtfully designed foodware.

        Join the clean team

        Food Containers

        Say goodbye to mom’s old takeout containers and hello to INKA’s patent-pending InvisiSeal technology. We spent 3 years designing the last set of Food Containers you’ll ever need, for both at-home food storage and meals on-the-go. Yep, microwavable and dishwasher-safe too.

        More Lunch Club


        "I almost exclusively ate very simple, traditional Chinese food… but we’d go to Carl’s Jr every Saturday. I think that's probably unique to a lot of kids who grew up in a mixed immigrant household."

        10 Minute Lunch

        Tortilla to tummy in under 10


        "My favorite things to draw are usually breakfast related. I associate it with a kind of diner culture from the 70’s that I always wish I had been able to experience."

        Ready to upgrade your foodware?

        Start by upgrading those old takeout containers made of cheap, toxic plastics.