Healthy Swaps for the 4th of July

Healthy Swaps for the 4th of July

Best known for backyard bbqs and cases of beer, the 4th of July is one of our more food-centric holidays. Let yourself enjoy the fireworks without digestive stress this 4th with these healthy swaps:

If that’s the case, here’s some healthy swaps:


Swap:wholegrain wraps or black bean patties

It might seem hard to part with the crowd favorite at a bbq, but trust us, swapping the meat sandwich out for something with lower impact and higher nutritional value will make all the difference to your gut and dinner guests.

Hot Dogs 

Swap:chicken and veggie skewers 

Save yourself the bread and skewer up some organic chicken and veg for a crowd-pleasing dish with easy clean up. Avoidinging the plastic packaging will keep every low-waste enthusiast happy and satiated.

Pasta/potato salad 

Swap: quinoa or grilled cauliflower salad

The sheer volume of mayo consumed on the 4th is enough to turn anyone off. And the lack of vegan sides just won’t cut it for today’s crowd. So how about you ditch the mayo-soaked sides and opt for a lighter, dairy-free one like a quinoa salad with grilled cauliflower?


Swap: chocolate covered dates

S'mores may taste great, but the questionable composition of marshmallows can leave you with an uneasy feeling. Swap for an equally as textually pleasing combination of dates and chocolate. Slip a banana slice or a walnut in there for added crunch and nutrition. 

Beer & Wine 

Swap: probiotic soda or spritz  

We’re big fans of probiotic sodas, so instead of feeling bloated at firework time, you’re still a part of the party. If it wouldn’t be the 4th without a little liquor, opt for a small batch aperitif and make it a spritz! 


With these healthy swaps you’re still likely to eat loads of food, but there'll be no wondering whether you’re experiencing the meat sweats or just the regular ones. Happy 4th!

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