5 Reasons Why The Lunch Kit is the Perfect Gift
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5 Reasons Why The Lunch Kit is the Perfect Gift

1. It’s the ultimate wellness essential  

Because when bringing lunch from home is easy, they’ll make healthier choices. Set them up for success at the office or anywhere in between with this all-in-one tool for healthy eating on the go. 

2. Sustainable from the inside out 

Made from cruelty-free vegan materials and designed to last a lifetime of lunch. Help them quit the paper bags, plastic forks and toxic single-use food containers once and for all.

3. A stylish staple they'll use every day

They’re probably still using mom’s old leaky food containers and a plastic bag. Designed by makers of luxury handbags, The Lunch Kit will elevate any outfit, whether they’re heading into a board meeting or catching up with friends at happy hour. The best part? There’s no need to guess sizes or worry about fit. 

4. Beautiful unboxing experiencing

Few things compare to the joy of unboxing The Lunch Kit. Complete with The Bag, Food Containers, Sauce Pot, Silverware, and Napkins, it will feel like they’re getting 5 gifts in one. After the fun is over, they’ll find comfort in knowing our packaging is 100% recyclable and cute enough to upcycle around the house. 

5. Designed for every lifestyle 

With three interchangeable Food Container combinations, The Lunch Kit suits everyone’s eating patterns. From snacks for their toddler to meal prep salads for work, it will be their go-to way to carry food.

Don’t take it from us

Here’s what they’re saying: 

• “A gift they’ll love but not think to ask for” - Vogue

• “Elevates a packed meal to a whole new level.” - Domino

• “The low-key answer to looking good, feeling good & doing right by the planet.” - Goop

A gift they'll love

The Lunch Kit

Everything you need for dining al fresco (or al desko). Complete with modular InvisiSeal Food Containers, Silverware, a Sauce Pot, Napkins and the Bag. Compliments on your lunchware are a thing now.

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